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Are you looking for a new challenge as an early childhood educator (Erzieher/in) in the Munich area? The BRK Regional Association Munich offers employment opportunities for educational staff in its facilities caring for children from infancy up until 12 years of age.
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Working as an early childcare educator at BRK Regional Assocuiation Munich

The BRK Regional Association Munich manages a total of 12 facilities for children from 9 weeks to 12 years of age throughout the Munich area. For our nurseries, kindergartens, after-school facilities, and “houses for kids”, we are seeking qualified early childcare educators, childcare assistants and/or social education workers.

As an institution with a great deal of experience, we value intercultural competence. Foreign colleagues – both male and female – are always welcome! Children should experience a wide range of different role models – that is why we place so much value on having mixed teams of men and women, and on cultural diversity. We place great importance on teamwork and networking. In networks spread across facilities, in projects, and in working groups, we jointly discuss topics. All our facilities are supported by our comprehensive educational consultancy services. Our employees are part of a much larger whole – that is the Red Cross belief. Learn more about our concept here.

Career opportunities in our facilities

We offer more than jobs in early childcare education: Further develop yourself by undertaking a training program for lateral entrants, “supervision”, specialist counseling and coaching (for management and employees involved in topics and their implementation), and access to further education and other training programs.

We offer you many opportunities to start working as an early childhood educator, such as work experience as part of your studies or SPS 1+2 internships as orientation before you start your training.

Flexible working-time models and part-time jobs for mothers and fathers guarantee the reconciliation of work and family. We support people returning to the workplace.

Experienced qualified childcare educators have the best career opportunities, stretching all the way up to childcare center manager.

Find out more about our job offers.

Guaranteed educational competence and quality

Competence and quality are ensured through our quality handbook, administrative and educational standards such as the internal quality testing QUICK (pedagogical standards). These ensure the verifiable quality of our work. Our facilities are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

For foreign applications with international degrees

Foreign applications must have proof of the B2 language level in German and the certification must be recognized by the municipality. You can get more information beforehand from this career list:

Bavarian State Youth Welfare Office, Verified diplomas and professional qualifications



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