Living and working in Munich

With 1.3 million residents, Munich is Germany’s third-largest city. Munich combines the character of a world city with a high quality of life, sense of tradition and unmistakable local color. On the list of the greenest cities in Germany, Munich ranked seventh. Germany’s greenest cities.


Housing in Munich is in high demand. That is why you should factor in paying higher rent for an apartment in the Munich area then you would in rural areas or in Eastern Germany. Finding an apartment can also take a lot of time. So you should calculate that in too.

In addition to the usual property portals, local small ads for apartments can be found in the Münchner Merkur and tz. Also look at and You are well advised not only to read the ads, but to also to place an “apartment wanted” one yourself.


You can easily do without a car in Munich: With the excellent public transport infrastructure you’ll be able to get across the city at almost any time. By using the following electronic timetable, you can find the most direct route:

If you need a car now and again, the many car-sharing providers in Munich are a good option. For only a small monthly membership fee you get flexible access to the precise car you need at that moment – whether a small car or a transporter minivan. Bikes are also becoming increasingly more popular in Munich. The bike route planner shows you how you can best reach your destination on two wheels.


The Tierpark Hellabrunn, with over 19,000 animals (2012: Source Wikipedia) not only brings joy to children. Those with a thirst for knowledge should head to the Munich Stadtbibliothek, which is home to more than 2.7 million literature and media items. And those who like to spend their holidays or weekends in nature do not have to travel far to reach Bavaria’s lake landscape and the Alps.


Significant composers like Orlando di Lasso, Carl Maria von Weber, Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss and Carl Orff worked in Munich. This tradition is carried on in Munich’s rich and highly regarded music world. Its theater world is equally rich and thriving: Munich has five state theaters, three municipal and over 50 private ones. Going out means being spoiled for choice: It’s not only the traditional beer gardens that are tempting, but also the city’s numerous restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, clubs and discos. For important information and tips, those newly arrived in Munich should head to



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