The BKR concept: Our mission shapes who we are

Within the Red Cross in Germany, the care of children, youth and welfare has a long tradition. Today, the Red Cross is an experienced institution in the running of childcare centers. The BRK Regional Association Munich has been operating childcare facilities since 1992 and now has 12 locations with places for 1,020 children aged between 9 weeks and 12 years.

Since children are not nursery, kindergarten or after-school children, but rather individual beings, we take a holistic view to their education. Rather than considering our work in the nurseries, kindergartens and after-school facilities in isolation, we orient ourselves instead toward the principles, goals and educational activities of children’s personal growth.

To do justice to the children, their social context takes center stage in our work. Our facilities are open and transparent with respect to families. By gaining insights into the life of each child and the associated behavior of each child, we can respond to the child in the best ways possible. The more knowledge we have of the child and how she/he responds to situations, the better we can positively influence the child’s development.

We work in partnership with parents. That means, parents share their knowledge and experience of their child and we share our knowledge as educational specialists. We listen, observe, accompany, support, give guidance and provide expert services, if required.

By participating in discussion opportunities, parents are involved in center activities. Of course, parents are also involved in our work through the parents’ board.

You can read more about the concepts we use in our daycare conceptional framework.

Our principles

The seven principles of the Red Cross, which are valid internationally for the work of the Red Cross movement, form the guidelines of our pedagogical actions. They are:

  • Humanity
  • Voluntary service
  • Unity
  • Neutrality
  • Impartiality
  • Independence
  • Universality

Learn more here about the Red Cross principles.

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